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Host: .161December, 31 2001 PMDermas Selam Mike and all other patriotic Eritreans on this Forum: Please be reminded that this ignoramous Wedi Regbe is a deranged individual whose mood and behviour depends on which side of his bed he woke up.

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I do not think you dare to mince words to change or dilute the message of "Kit Haqiq Alewa". Is Wedi Regbe saying that they are NOT "membership paying" member of Alliance Forces? What we know is they work to the same goal and objectives of the Alliance Force and Weyane.

As long as their actions and words is to promote the objective of the Alliance Froces, we will say they are supporting Alliance Force.

What kind of adjectives or names do you need to define Gadi and Co.? It is the name you give to Gadi and Co that define them, it their action.

The support is being rendered and there is nothing Wedi Regbe can do to hide or deny it.

Wedi Regbe, when Yonus brought Ahmad Nasir as an Eritrean "Icon" what do you think he was doing?

He was supporting him and he was promoting him and his political stand.Host: 150.1December, 31 2001 PMMike Wedi Regbe, when Yonus openly called "Shaebia Kit Haqiq Alewa"; what do you think he was doing? If these is not "support" of Alliance Forces which include Jihad and Harakat; then what?On a positive note, May I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year - a year in which our individual and collective dreams are realized and please keep up the good work. As far as I am concerned the ERITREAN people has already put together an open and a secret black list to confront the miscreants with their crimes when the day of rekoning comes.Those arrogant criminals who believe they have achieved the acme of civillization by speaking some English, when the day of rekoning comes, will be taught their mother tongues properly, at least if they have mothers. Yes, Wedi Hager, it is so easy to tell who you are refering to. Incidentally, just to refresh your memories, dear fellow Eritreans, this Andrew England guy is the same sell-out 'reporter' who was singing Woyane's song during the war,from the other side! Don't we all know that Woyane's paid agents will never tire of singing anti-Eritrean songs? I have tried to understand you and I tried to see where you coming from.Host:, 31 2001 PMWedi Hager Dear Deki Ere: As we live yr 2001 behind us and gear for yr 2002, I would like to personally thank Mike, Hell to Hell, Sam, Anti-Traitor and others who have dedicated their time and energy to uplift the Eritrean morales at those trying times and exposing those faceless cowards who used different tricks to poison our UNITY in the name of Democracy and other other hallow slogans. The funny thing is this person thinks she can outsmart us by trying to cover her tracks by posting some benign item that has zero relevance to Eritrea, every now and then. In fact, that these habitually lying miscreants are allowed to file their falsehoods from within Eritrea only serves to indirectly affirm Eritrea's healthy state of affairs. For some reason or another, Wedi Regbe is to trying to whitewash the dirty hands of Gadi and Co. It is all documented in black and white at their ill-fated and infamous web site.As Jim CLiff's song goes" I can see clearly Now the Rain is Gone", as we enter a new year our troubles are coming to an end and, as always, we shall prevail as One People, One Heart. When a individual or group of individuals work tireless to complement, supplement, to promote and to speed up the implementation of the goals and the objectives of the Alliance Forces which include the Jihad and Harakat of Eritrea; we do not have any English word to define them but to say they are supporting these element. On what capacity (within or without the organizational structure) they are supporting or promoting is immaterial.