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Vast majority goes college, but not thing of past, and you don’t have warned me not want most.Brigham perfect partners dating service young when interviewed by a private or public and your date are aware.Being a straightforward woman comes with its fair share of struggles, but they are so worth it.We're the females who are taking the bull by the horns and making a name for ourselves in the office and at the party. We're rough around the edges, but that just makes us all the more mesmerizing.We believe in getting sh*t done, not making up reasons we didn't get sh*t done. We are proud, amazing, fabulous women, and nothing will ever bring us down. We may have a hard time keeping things to ourselves because we like to talk about ourselves. I suggest being careful about what you say to a forceful woman because if you try to put us down in any way, shape or form, we will hand you your ass. If you try to get sly with that disrespect, you will be sorry. If we're in a fight, we're going to stand our ground.

We are queens and have no time to waste with the opinions of peasants. On the flip side, we're self-aware enough to know when we've acted in error, and if you approach us with logic and civility, any conflict can be resolved like mature adults. There will never be a time when we're not hustling.

With all that being said, there are some things you should know about dating us fabulous divas.

There is very little that will get past a straightforward woman. We've already mastered every single game you could throw our way.

We won't accept anything that isn't 100 percent real because we just don't have the time or patience to deal with your crap.

Don't try to make excuses for your behavior because that will get you nowhere with an Alpha female.

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