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ANYWAY I did some unexpected LST on my smaller plant, Angelina, who is flowering nicely: I have two questions today if anyone can help please: 1.Is it going to stress Angelina too much to re-pot her into a bigger pot?

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They suffer no stress etc and the roots are full enough to more than keep the plant fed.

Ladi Thanks, yeah I've seen those, definitely gonna get me some!

These guys call themselves the cupids of cannabis and are currently the number 1 cannabis dating website.

Their vision is that for most cannabis users, it is a really big deal in their lives.

Well guess what everyone, times have changed and Being able to watch her unwind slowly, and you see it all from the beginning witnessing the relaxation of her shoulders and neck as she exhales an then inhales deep again and again, only not for you…

So did you know that you don´t have to spend all your time weaning out the marijuana haters from the marijuana enthusiasts in the dating world?

Most marijuana enthusiasts would rather get to know someone over a joint, and it´s nice knowing before you get there that they are going to be a marijuana lover.

Here is a little bit about the online dating cannabis community!

There are now dating websites for those who appreciate having the presence of a third, Mary Jane, in their relationship.

This is really cool innovation because it means you get to be yourself on a first date and connect over something you know you are both going to love.

It also doesn´t matter how old you are – 420 mate is for everyone.