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Go back to the number 5 door screen and find the mirror (on far left towards the back). Turn to the red door and look at the left bottom bed and you will find a blue case, the key to this case is in the stove next to the bed. There are a ton of bottles in this room, look around if you want, Clover and 7 have some pretty interesting things to say about the items in this room. Put her body back together with the pieces you just acquired.

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He has no memory of how he got here except seeing a masked person.You must guide Junpei around the ship and get him to a door with the number 9 on it before time runs out.(The new drawer you acquired has a mirror on the bottom, don't use this one.) Open the drawer back up and take the tile. Only aim it at the two mirrors that hang on the wall.When you aim it at the left mirror you will see a 4 and a 7.If you trigger a scene before you obtain the two, go back to the mini freezer and get the other item. Flip the lid up on the toilet and it will reveal a sun. Take the tube off of the dispenser and you should receive a screwdriver shaft. Go back to the toilet screen next and try flushing the toilet.

NOTE: Let June talk about the experiment, now is the time for patience, it is very important to the story. It doesn't work, instead you will receive a handle for the screwdriver. Try to open the drawer and it won't open (it is because there are two screws that are holding the drawer in place.) If you click on the desk again it should show a close up of those screws.Now you have to click on the right and left lights. Once you are at the door, click on the white machine in the back (it has a 9 on it). Go back to the big window again, ask Clover to look at the operating one more time. Use the luminol on the bloodstain and turn out the lights on the left of the screen. Ace hears something coming from the wheelhouse, so zoom out and pan right twice. Look at the chart and make sure you are holding the stopwatch. There is a little metal plate on the door, click on it and put the pocket watch in it. Coat the newly created cylinder with ink, then roll the cylinder on the paper.Put the number 8 into the card slot, then put the remain cards (5,6,7) into the next code box that appears. She will now have the ethanol and will give you a code. Click on them and Clover will give you some paper with the numbers on it. Her work ethic will change depending on what ending you are working toward. You will uncover the some hidden writing once the lights are out. Click on the chart a couple of times and Ace should take the watch from you. The door should be unlocked now, you can go through the door now. Click on top of the dresser and you will receive some screwdrivers. (So combine screwdrivers with music box, cylinder with ink, and then paper with cylinder) You got a sheet of paper with Morse code on it. You can leave this room now, so pan right and go back to the room with the dead guy.It works because the digital root of 5,6,7 is nine. Touch the bars and she will give you a two-prong plug. Pan right and go to the small computer next to the lockers. Click on the window and have Clover look at the big power box at the back left of the room. Look at the table by the bed, click on the small object to the right of the lamp. You will receive paper with some numbers and letters on it. Next, open the top right drawer of the dresser and take the ink. Go to the desk with all the Morse code equipment on it. Once zoomed in, click on the far right machine again. Click on the flipper in the middle of the screen and input the code that you received earlier, it is on the top DS screen.(Remember to hold the flipper down for dashes and only touch it for the dots). You picked door 2, or were automatically directed to it after you went through door 3.Pan right and take the matches from the small table in front of you. You can peep through the curtain from here, it is worth it to hear Santa and Lotus's comments. One will open, click on it again and take the ethanol. After you click it a couple of times she will turn it to max voltage. It's a music box, but you won't be playing any music in this room. Type on the keyboard and a new thing will pop up on the monitor. Touch the monitors before you leave the screen (the monitor that says ZERO and the one that is on top of it) This should trigger a conversation with Clover. If this scene does not happen, come back to the monitors later and click on them again. Lotus and Seven are your companions this time and you get to go through some parts of the ship that you would rather not see.This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.