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Here's a thought experiment: when is the last time you walked into a coffee shop and heard people discussing fetishes, sex toys, masturbation, pornography, anal sex, medication and sexuality, polyamory, boundaries, dirty talk or the politics of orgasm?Every Sunday, in the conference room of a coffee shop on Vancouver's North Shore, participants as young as 20 or as old as 70 and 80 engage in frank, informal and non-judgmental conversation on these topics and more.

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In North Vancouver, both the seniors' and the regular Chat Room programs continue to grow in size and scope.So, what advice would Langton and Boehler have for potential new participants? And then, people start talking, because they realize that we're not here to disrespect anybody.In terms of usefulness, respondents still place school sexual education below conversations with friends and media such as movies or television -- not the healthiest resource.Several provinces' school systems are battling over what can be taught in sexual education.After a presentation at a seniors' centre, sex educator Jane Langton was so popular she ran out of female condoms.

She and Chat Room co-moderator Clayton Boehler see sex education 'starting right from birth, and going on until death.' That said, their enthusiasm for the project remains undiminished.

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There is talk of an online forum in the near future, as well as dreams of expanding across Canada.

"Even if the discussion is going to be different -- you can learn about different communities and cultures and values," Langton adds.

The program began in February (hosted in Langton's living room) with only four people.