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The Centre is ideally situated along the Hudson Bay seacoast at the meeting of three major biomes: marine, northern boreal forest, and tundra.

As you will witness by watching our live Aurora Borealis Camera, the colors mostly associated with the Northern Lights are blue, violet, yellow and green.If you enjoy watching the Northern Lights Camera, please share it or leave a comment below.AR Performance as an online retailer is committed to providing the best practical high performance parts for the AR15 platform at a decent price.The high performance barrels we sell will out perform most so called "match grade" barrels.We will add a few more Grendel choices this year 18 and 20" The 750XD is the strongest AR15 bolt made for the 7.62x39, Grendel and 6.8.

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To the east of the Centre lies Wapusk National Park which protects the inland denning area of the polar bear.

Polar bears can sometimes be seen easily from the Centre, especially during the fall polar bear migration.

From the CNSC Cam (via explore.org) we are able to watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets, northern lights in late winter, gorgeous plant communities in the spring, and all sorts of wildlife in the summer and fall.

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is really your one-stop destination to view all cool things in the Arctic, no matter the time of day or year.

It is the same diameter as a mil spec AR15 bolt only the lugs are a different shape.