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Kitted out in the freshest G-Star RAW threads, founder Christie Morgan, co-creator and Editor in Chief at The Ladies Network, Arabella Peterson, dancer and founder of Groove Therapy, Vanessa Marian, and blogger Yan Yan Chan chatted through their creative process; from when they feel most uninhibited to how they get in the zone, the girls gave us so many words to live by.

They also riffed on the wise words of Pharrell Williams, legendary musician and Head of Imagination at G-Star RAW, who said "Raw is not a noun.

She doesn’t warn her about any of the schools hazing rituals or the intense pressure to fit in.

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The condition is evidently hereditary as Alexia, who experienced the same side effects, is only forthcoming about it AFTER Justine does the ritual.It becomes clear that Alexia knew this would happen and was more than happy to let Justine join in her misery.Everyone forms friendships through the creative community but it was still really inviting and people were really open to collaborating and things like that.I think it's really exciting being in the creative industry at the moment because I feel like the scene in Australia is still kind of up-and-coming and growing.Though an excellent student she is like most teenage girls self-critical and constantly worrying how she’s seen by the typical teen girls’ primary focus – teenaged boys.

Alexia, her sister, is not at all helpful in Justine’s acclimatization.Justine spends the majority of the film trying to navigate her first year away from home, along with her newfound hunger.Her lack of success with both garner the biggest laughs of the a thoroughly enjoyable coming of age /coming of cannibal story by writer-director, Julie Ducournau and star Garance Marillier.Raw will leave you shocked by the gore and enthralled by the visuals.Her sister Alexia attends, one year ahead of her, and it is suggested that both parents attended, as well.