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A study for Cosmopolitan magazine that was conducted by Binnie Klein, a psychotherapist and lecturer in Yale's department of psychiatry, suggests that more men are trading in their relationship status as a couple so they can stay single and join others in bed.

She states that because of how the media has showcased threesomes, an increasing number of men are seeking the opportunity to join an already established couple in bed.

Couples are now so "bombarded" with messages about how sex "ought to be" that they feel under pressure and avoid it altogether.

If you're looking to spice up your sex life, these days you are rather spoiled for choice.

But it seems the avalanche of information available in magazines, movies, books and the internet is turning out to be a turn off.

If you can't get the job done, there 's someone else there to do it for you. I've always wanted to get into DP and all that shit that you can't do without someone else around. VIEW PROFILE I've always wanted to be a part of a threesome but I don't want to have a reputation. I've completely trend around my casual sex life now.

I thought at first it would be intimidating but it's actually a really stress free, sensual environment that I've throughly enjoyed. Couples are really easy to troll for because you don't have to find a guy and a girl that are attracted to each other, they already are so the hardest part is done. After mentioning it to a friend she said I should just sleep with a married couple since they probably wouldn't go around announcing that they were shagging a stranger. I find action online all the time now, it's incredible.

She said although people found it difficult to talk about sex with their partner, it could be the key to improving what is an important aspect of their life together.

"This can have an impact on our relationships and the way we feel about ourselves," she said.

Relate, which provided more than 20,000 sessions of sex therapy in 2013/14, said couples often say they want to bring the spontaneity back to their love lives.

But its counsellors point out that sex is rarely truly spontaneous and busy people sometimes have to plan for intimacy.

Between three kids and two full time jobs and battling different schedules, it's hard to maintain an active and satisfying sex life.

We watched a program that talked about how a lot of couples are turning to couple swapping and group sex, so in an attempt to get our love life back we went for it. It's no longer something that se simply just schedule now, it's something we look forward to and genuinely enjoy.

Sex Search alone saw an increase of 40% from men seeking couples for sexual exploration in 2010. trading in their relationship status as a couple so they can stay single and join others in bed. VIEW PROFILE I was completely shut off from my own sexuality before.