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The state as prostitution middleman The nightclubs have come effectively to function as brothels.Prostitution is illegal in the TRNC, and the law stipulates two-year jail sentences and fines of 1,000 Turkish Lira (0) for bar girls who prostitute themselves or for those who force them to do so.Then, it is being forgotten and becomes a secret again.

"In theory, TRNC citizens are barred from gambling casinos, but in reality they go there.

Some people have lost big money and families have fallen apart, but the majority gamble small sums for fun or to satisfy a passion.

Hence, Derya’s outcry over “sex slavery.” Under the law, agents need a license to bring bar girls to the island.

The women are required to hand over their passports to police as they enter the TRNC and to undergo weekly check-ups at state hospitals afterwards.

If you deny him a license for a gambling casino, he would simply give up. Otherwise, he would have to start off with a disadvantage to others who are licensed. I had drawn up a proposal on the issue but the CTP perhaps needed another term in power for that.

The proposal, which had the backing of the finance minister who is in charge of the casinos, envisaged the allocation of a special area for the casinos, which would have facilitated their control.” ‘This is called human trafficking’ For Ceren Goynuklu, head of the Refugee Rights Association, the dealings at the nightclubs constitute outright “human trafficking.” In remarks to , she said foreign women are unable to quit their jobs because they are forced to sign indentures that plunge them into debt and therefore into forced prostitution.

About 500 women work at those establishments, which are legally allowed to employ no more than 12 bar girls.

The women are brought mainly from Eastern European countries such as Moldova, Ukraine and Romania, but recently women have begun to arrive also from Africa and the Turkic republics of Central Asia.

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The casinos moved to the island with a bonus: nightclubs mushroomed around them for years.