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Hogan cited the case of Sarah Foxwell, an 11-year-old Maryland girl who was kidnapped and killed by a convicted sex offender in 2009.

I’m always in my head trying to make this more than just a five-minute short, and turn this into a show without people being annoyed by drunk people. That's why I take my friends, because I pick good people, they’re likeable.

With survivors of crime victims by his side in the Statehouse, Hogan introduced the “Justice for Victims Initiative.” The bill would allow prosecutors to admit evidence of a defendant’s prior record of sexual assaults.

I think that helped to really gain our trust with them. I kind of want it to be a surprise, but the best way to respond to that is I want it to not be just locked in one place so I’ll tell stories from the world.

The format has always been the way I wanted and hoped it would work.

Then, I'll match them up with a story that, if they don’t know, they at least like the subject.

Have you ever sat across from someone so belligerent that you started to wonder how the edits would come together? If it’s hard to understand, we’ll make the actor look at the camera, like, “What? We have about 7 hours to shoot a narrator and I refuse to ever do ADR on it.

I always feel the best documentaries are the ones that don’t go back and reshoot stuff. My favorite guy, Fredrick Wiseman, that’s how he does it.

With the show now on its third season, do you feel well versed in drawing out the best reactions from your narrators? Maybe the best, but only because there’s no one else that does the same job I do.

We asked him why the decided to do this in the middle of the parking lot in the middle of the day.

launched back in 2007, the Baltimore native has watched hundreds of his famous blacked out buds attempt to recite their favorite historical tales on camera.

The show has featured A-listers (Kristen Wiig, Chris Meloni, and Octavia Spencer, to name a few), covered topics like sports heroes and first ladies, and even earned itself an Emmy nomination. Waters spoke with Maxim about the origins of ​ come from? It was all based off of my dear friend and actor, Jake Johnson, telling me a story that I thought would be really cool reenacted.