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I explore how these technologies were designed to be used, and furthermore, how they can mediate the formation of new relationships. E), Evidence Locker, System Azure and those that employ surveillance technology towards their own autonomous and personal systems (The Surveillance Shoe).

There are projects I make that incorporate existing surveillance or informational systems (Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy (L. While the questions I pose within these works are often similar, the scale (and the wider effect) of the work is different. What positions are available, and can new ones be created?

They refused to entertain any sort of proposal to work with an artist.

Under observation, an object or subject is forever growing. There is a beauty in that, and a sense of connection.While observing, I gain a deeper understanding for what it is that I am looking at, and an awareness of myself as the subject who is looking. What happens if I try to hold something that appears to be out of reach?They accepted, and hired me: Jill Magid Head Security Ornamentation Professional of System Azure. Jill Magid : I am interested in observation, in new ways of looking, and how the activity of looking changes my perception of the world as well as my position in it.Tools of observation and security systems are pervasive in today’s society.Varieties include upskirt cams to see panties, asses, and sometimes naked pussies in public, bedroom cams that the guy has usually setup Statistics say that most of the men and women on this planet have, at least once, cheated on their partner.

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I began to view them as architectural ornaments and treated them as such.

I approached the Amsterdam Headquarters of Police to see if I could jewel the cameras on their façade.

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