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Shkreli Shkreli must face the law on his fraud charges.

Meanwhile, it’s not illegal to price-gouge the shit out of life-saving drugs to turn a profit.

In 2013, a young man was arrested by the religious police after he posted photos of himself offering “free hugs” on the streets of Riyadh. But before the 32-year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals got fingered by the long arm of the law, he kept up a busy livestreaming schedule on You Tube.Then, at 10”47, one of the friends comes back and tells the Kuwaiti man, “he’s going to take a while.There’s an arrest warrant against him.” Crockett's You Tube channel features typical "unboxing" and "challenge" videos.Her conversations with Abu Sin made her a star on You Now, where she now has more than 600,000 fans.

FRANCE 24 reached out to her for her reaction to Abu Sin’s arrest, but she had no comment.

Two Google Homes are in deep conversation, and more than 70 thousand followers are eagerly tuning in to watch the robots as they flirt with each other, chat about spiders, presidents, life, death and even God.

The two Google Homes are named Vladamir and Estragon, and their occasionally nonsensical conversation has been live-streamed on Twitch since last week.

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For months, a Saudi Internet user called Abu Sin had the Arabic-speaking web in stitches over videos of him chatting with an American video blogger.