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You’ll never get tired of the beautiful works of art you make each time you use your Cricut cutting tool!

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With your very own Cricut cutting machine, you’ll be able to create all of the projects you’ve dreamed of and more!

In just minutes, the Cricut machine will cut out all of the images you need for that special scrapbook page, photo box or greeting card!

With just the touch of a button, the Cricut can cut any sized image, just choose from a selection of thousands of images.

Your Cricut cutter will become your favorite companion for any craft you enjoy - making craft time not only quicker and easier, but also much more enjoyable!So if you buy this machine it is neat, but be prepared to fork over at least another 200.00 for cartridges.And new mats, the mat looses its sticky pretty fast.So I bought one, and I played with it and it does cut nice shapes but most everything on the George cartridge is Fonts.When I watched the tv commercial they go to great detail on how this has up to 4500 different images, fonts etc.I’am an avid hobbist I work with alot of mediums from paper crafting, upholstry, painting and wood work.