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Afterwards, they could sell office suites, billing/accounting software, scheduling software as add-ons.Right now it is needlessly complicated for people who have minimal communication needs, and don't care about technology, to avoid huge costs.And now the elimination of XMPP and the option to use Obihai.

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Consumers and small businesses aren't nearly as willing to open their wallets for support.The best customer is one who pays the annual fee and never calls in for support. A major hole is Telepathy, which lacks end to end encryption support, so all mobile clients based on that (Sailfish one, Plasma Active one and etc.) are lacking it. If either party can not get a native connection look for a free tunnel provider.Anyway, over the two years that it worked it saved a couple thousand dollars that would have been spent to use the phone for about 30 hours.Since Google Voice will no longer be compatible with Obi Hai devices this month (moving away from XMPP), I ported the number to Anveo, which is no longer free, but still only /year.Jitsi (which is in Java and WIP in alpha stage for Android) supports OTR and ZRTP. Since the latest version even the remote desktop sharing on my ubuntu systems is working. Jitsi tends to be not that stable from time to time.. Start jitsi with -6 as parameter and it will prioritise v6 connections.

There are clients like Xabber which support just OTR on Android (none of them support Jingle and ZRTP). This fixed all kinds of 'nat-nat-nat' setups that some friends are forced into.

For example, CERN is using Microsoft Lync as an IP PBX, using the Polycom CX300.

It looks like a desk telephone and works like a desk telephone. But it plugs in to a USB port and uses Lync for calling.

It's kind of absurd to consider how little service someone like a barber or a shop owner gets after paying fees that make up a significant part of their operating costs.

Microsoft is focusing on the enterprise, because that's where the money is.

As for Google, they seem to actively be avoiding telephony.