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The con started simply enough: the man received a Facebook friend request from a woman he didn’t know calling herself “Dayana Joyce Mote.” However, despite the fact that the man didn’t know the mysterious woman, they soon began chatting on Facebook Messenger, and things quickly escalated to a sexual video chat.

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The gang talk about the latest music news and review recent local releases from the Sheffield music scene.

Bored with all the lame sticker apps that keep it PG?

Joe from Exposed Magazine is joined by resident music blogger Mark Perkins and Neil Hargreaves from Aggressive Management to discuss the latest music news and review releases from Sheffield's music scene.

It's the final Sheffield music show of the year, and Joe is joined by local music promoters Neil Hargreaves & Jon Windle to take a look at what 2014 had to offer and who to keep an eye on in 2015.

Today's show features music from the likes of Adelphi, Sabella, Tandem, Last Lives, TRSE, Joe is joined by Nigel from Sheffield's recently opened Curzon Cinema to discuss the new venue and what's on this month.

The chaps also discuss and play music from some of their favourite film soundtracks, followed by the infamous Buy the Beers Quiz.And to get law enforcement interested is a challenge because it’s a difficult thing to track down,” said attorney Bruce Rivers. Now almost every day I get some call about this.” This may be an extreme example, but it’s still indicative of why it’s simply not a good idea to accept friend requests from strangers.Blur is the first all-in-one solution that protects your passwords, payments, and privacy.Alongside general chat, there's discussion of new restaurant, bars and events heading our way and a selection of local music to accomp..Joe is joined by regular music show guests Mark Perkins & Neil Hargreaves to discuss the latest music news and review four tracks from the Sheffield music scene.Joe is joined by Neil Hargreaves of Aggressive Management and Joel Phillips from Bang Bang Romeo as they announce some exciting Tramlines news, debate about the worst live performances they've ever seen and play the bands they are looking forward to se...