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It's well known for its publicity stunts and has probably had more news coverage over the past few years than any other dating site, affairs or non affairs!

For me, the site always seems to get a bad name but ive found it to be pretty good. It claims to have over 47 million members and that may be true, but all I care about is how many are in Oxford and how many of them are female!!

Then i went out to try those files that did not come to me first. As long as women get free, don't need to prove anything like men do, like they exist, men required to pay just to speak to bots, against law to use fake info, title photo close up face at least 4 other photos clear face full body, real home town, full portfolio write-ups and women NOTHING. men let alone girls will use the site as personal male-bashing games of tease, recorded misandry, hatred, sadism, emasculating, debasing, mind games, baiting, luring, trapping, humiliating, degrading and NEVER NEVER lovers.

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I am one of those married women who wants to continue having sex with handsome, young men. Yeah, AM is for cheaters, but don't cheat on your profile. Decided to give it another month to see if any of the women im speaking to (there are three, for the record) end up meeting up with me.

Sad news: My husband doesn't pay any attention to me anymore. The chats have been pretty hot so far so im hopeful, but the proof will be in the pudding.

This site is all about giving you what you don't get at home. Had a slow start on this site but by the last month was really doing well, if I may say so myself!!

I'd probably rank Ashleymadison as the best in this category (or maybe Saphrina, not really sure if I like it more or less cuz I found an affair partner on both sites but it seems to have less members).

message that can only be sent with credit) - never got any response after sending a paid message.

This is their dirty trick to get you to spend all your credits 2) Similar to the above, I received some priority message from some of the members with profiles that "seemed" to be real, however to respond to these messages, it costs credit as well.

They stopped communicating as soon as I said no credit card. more bogus from ashley madison - I received hundreds of messages every week, from fake profiles all over the world.

So after several weeks, I have communicated with several hundreds of "members" on ashley madison, I have not found 1 genuine profile yet.

I'd say im pleasantly surprised in the end and it continues a good start to my infidelity reviews! This has to be the only "dating site" that charges it's memebers fees to message other members, and has these hiden fees. However, I will say that since there are considerably more men than women on the site you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Hidden fees upon sign up that you do not find out about until you get a nasty bill. That's fine, but then they don't tell you you will be charged an additional membership sign up fee. Women like to be wined and dined and brought on business trips, to a nice hotel, etc... I found a great guy who I have been hooking up with on a regular basis for over 2 years now and we are very happy with the arrangement. Wow, not exactly worth the investment just to get set up and then not much play until they want big pay to really be a "member." You'd think with their PR fiasco that they'd have come back with a friendlier first timer program or something to that effect, but really after just a few minutes of being on the site and sending a few emails, the next jump is on the low .00 and then if you want to access it through your phone?

With a little patience you can find real women looking to hookup.