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They felt that Bluetooth technology such as BEDD could be used to help youth meet new people and keep in touch with old friends.

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We discuss two cases from contemporary Indonesia: a mobile dating service (BEDD) and mobile phone pornography.For each case study, we first discuss the socio-political background in Indonesia, then describe the technological affordances of the mobile phone which facilitate dating and pornography, and finally give examples of how the mobile phone is effecting change in dating and pornographic practices.By sharing profile information and allowing for free text messaging, BEDD can facilitate conversations between BEDD members.According to users, mediating the initial conversation also helps to alleviate social anxiety, which often accompanies meeting new people.This study is placed at a time when social relations, intimacy, and sexuality in Indonesia have become central public issues.

Since the end of the New Order whilst many people have embraced the new freedoms of and democratization, there is also a high degree of social anxiety, tension and uncertainty (Juliastuti 139-40).“Compared to previous generations, [younger Indonesians] are freer to mix with the opposite sex and to choose their own marriage,” (Utomo 225).Modern courtship in Java is characterized by “self-initiated romance” and dating (Smith-Hefner 451).The majority of Indonesians in the 1960s and 1970s had arranged marriages (Smith-Hefner 443).Education reform during the 70s and 80s encouraged more women to attain an education which in turn led to the delaying of marriage and the changing of courtship practices (Smith-Hefner 450).In this article we explore the role mobile phone technology in contemporary forms of social, intimate, and sexual relationships in Indonesia.