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Each time I log off after cybersex, I promise myself that I will never do it again.

I hate myself for all the wasted time I spent online and quickly try to catch up on the lost work.

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These family friendly ISPs stop sexual content from the server end, so there is less chance of relapse.

This has been found to be the most effective way to dealing with the addiction.

I always promise to only do it for a half an hour or hour, but time just slips by.

Besides, my drive is stronger than my wife’s, so it won’t hurt, actually it will help our relationship, so I don’t go looking for someone in real life.

How can the addict stop abusing when relapse is just a mouse click away?

Similar to programs that address overeating and food addiction, the addict will need to learn how to make healthy, positive choices about his or her Internet use because complete abstinence isn’t always possible in today’s technological world.

Second, the addict must abstain from sexual material online.

In this case, it means removing all the bookmarks and favorites leading to these sites, adding filters that prohibit sexual material from getting through the browser, or possibly changing the entire Internet Service Provider (ISP) system to one that is family friendly.

• Regret – After the cybersexual experience, the users experience a period of deep regret.

Once they climax, the addict feels guilt or shame for the behavior such as, “I feel guilty for how this is hurting my wife” or “I can’t believe I wasted all this time,” or “I am a horrible person for what I just did.” • Abstinence – The addict views the behavior as a personal failure of willpower and promises never to do it again, and a short period of abstinence follows.

I go a few weeks, then the pressure seems to build up inside. I wear myself down, and the whole process starts all over again and I feel defeated that I will never get rid of these feelings.