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Rather than just tossing those moments into the episode section (which would have been awkward), I went the extra mile and re-edited the OP and ED for fanservice emphasis and used them to bookend the video.

One of the alternate EDs on Blu-Ray actually had a quick nude scene not in the original series, which I kept in the re-edited ED but also added into the main portion of the video, and I tweaked with the sound to make it seem like it was really a part of the episode (it occurs at the tail end of the naked chase scene).

Doing alternate OP/EDs is by far the funnest thing about making these videos, and sometimes they actually turn out pretty cool.

In some cases there isn’t much fanservice (or any at all) in the OP/ED, but I’ll still usually use a few seconds of the OP anyway as a bit of a “bumper” for the video.

The stinginess didn’t last long and it actually turned into a somewhat awesome fanservice series on BD.

DDL [1080p]: part1, part2 DDL [720p]: part1, part2 I don’t know why, but I half convinced myself there wouldn’t be much nudity on BD for this series when I saw it a few years ago, especially after the first BD volume decensoring was more conservative than To Love-Ru Trouble (season one).

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