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“Before the internet, someone with a sexual interest in children had to take lots of risks,” Karl Hopwood, a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, told me at the time.

“They needed to loiter near schools, go to the beach or park.

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Your data will be deleted and the username will be unavailable for use again. Any messages sent to a person on this site are private between you and the recipient. If you feel like someone is harassing you then you can go to their profile and click "Block user". For more serious abuse or if you feel they are violating our sites terms somehow you can click "Report profile" from their profile page or alternatively email us.Accusations that paedophiles downloaded, reuploaded and monetised these videos are hard to prove or disprove, though it is possible, considering how long such videos were left up.Most of these videos were – before they were removed – a few years old, and the trend seems to be an obsolete one that was only discovered recently.This wouldn't be the first time that paedophilic activity has been discovered on You Tube.Last April, a spate of “mummy vloggers” stopped filming their children after discovering that their videos were embedded into paedophilic playlists on the video-sharing site.You Tube relies on a system of users and “trusted flaggers” to highlight videos that violate its policies, and it appears that, after the videos were exposed by top You Tubers, the content has been removed.