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I was in luck as I saw a white dress in the distance and quickly walked over to where all the wedding photographic activities were taking place.

Weddings are difficult to photograph, especially outside in full sun, as the combination of white dress & dark suit makes it difficult to capture detail & contrast in the highlight and the shadow areas.

Later in DPP, Canon's raw converter, I decreased the exposure by about .80 of a stop.

Spider-Man kids costumes have the sameproblems as the adults (namely the impaired vision) and they cost just as muchtoo.

But the kids have an additional choice; they can be the Green Goblin!

This would be a good test to see if one can still hold the details in the all important white wedding gown, especially if the image was overexposed. The results was that the wedding dress was totally overexposed with no detail in the cloth.

The photograph was taken in full sunlight without flash.

At 300mm the widest aperture is F5.6 but to give a bit more depth of field I used F8.

I had also owned the previous IS non L version of this lens but on a full frame camera it was virtually useless and image quality degraded alarmingly at the tele end.Therefore it makes sense to increase exposure so that the shadow areas get more exposure, and therefore less noise, but only to the point where there is still detail and texture visible in the highlights when the exposure is 'adjusted', back to normal afterwards.Thus increase exposure(expose to the right) when photographing and decrease it back to normal later via Photoshop, DPP etc.Be sure to measure larger furniture like couches and entertainment units beforehand.Among all the Festivals the most awaited and the longest dancing festival is NAVRATRI, which is one of the most awaited festivals in Gujarat.Finding your perfect wedding dress might be an expensive activity.