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We started hearing gossip about a romance between Laporte, whose website says he's married, and his hand-picked business chief Lisa Kentzell earlier this month.(That's Laporte and Kentzell above.) But the evidence, provided by a suspicious Laporte listener, was only circumstantial; Laporte and Kentzell traveled to conferences in Kentzell this past February announced a goal to double annual revenue to million at TWi, the company where Laporte his co-hosts and staff stream and podcast some 27 different shows, all related to technology, to a monthly audience they estimate at more than 5 million.Or maybe this is all some sort of prank; Laporte does have a blogged that he "apologized abjectly and abundantly" to Kentzell for deciding to leave the chat in the video podcast he distributed after the live recording.

And Laporte's Google Plus profile says he's "In a relationship" rather than married, even though the latter is a listed option.Kentzel's Facebook profile likewise lists her as "in a relationship."A phone call to Kentzell and multiple emails to both Kentzell and Laporte over several hours Thursday were not returned.For all his considerable mastery of tech, Laporte uses it in such huge quantities that something like this was bound to happen.He's constantly beaming his face and computer screen across the internet as the regular host on four of his company's netcasts and as an occasional presence on many of the 23 others.This Guy’s Texting Prank Is A Must-Try If You’re A Star Wars Fan picture: Twitter/Getty – Credit: Myles Goode " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" Demarco texted Michael to let him know that he had changed the word ‘sorry’ in Allison’s phone to a seriously long Star Wars quote, so that every time she apologised she’d be hit with an explanation of the Dark Side.

w=1024" class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-6511257" src=" w=1024&h=585" alt="" width="1024" height="585" / Twitter user Michael Sana uploaded the prank to Twitter after his friend, Demarco Shange, pulled it off on his friend Allison while in a group chat with Michael.He also hosts "Tech Guy," a broadcast that Premiere Radio Networks syndicates every weekend to stations in 150 different cities, plus XM satellite radio.Like his internet shows, the old-fashioned radio program is livecast online as it's recorded.And while the Yale-educated tech-head's stumble might be embarrassing, it also leaves him, possible broken vows aside, somewhat endearingly "naked," as he himself might put it, to his audience.Prospective investors and business partners, on the other hand, won't take comfort in the hedonistic pleasures Laporte indulges with the business executive who was supposed to bring discipline and financial growth to his company.But the messages had already been exposed to the live audience: Me [Laporte]: come over. The file he subsequently uploaded for distribution via Apple's i Tunes included the steamy exchange, even though it would have been possible to edit it out.