The sky is the limit, but we’re very down-to-earth. In fact, many of our clients are world leaders, though of course, we would never divulge their identities.

We use a variety of different therapeutic techniques, including in-depth Kinsey-style client interviews and analysis, fantasy roleplay, G-spot, P-spot and PC muscle exercises, fetish exploration systems, sexual confidence building, guided masturbation, compassionate S/M and bondage play, issue-focused phone sex, transgender facilitation, erotic hypnosis and many other pleasure sex techniques. If you’ve never called before, you needn’t be nervous or embarrassed. When you call for telephone sex therapy, you can request Dr.

Do you need to talk to someone about something you can’t talk about with anyone else? Anytime you need to talk, 24 hours a day, the world-famous telephone sex therapists of the Dr.


But, at Red Hot Phone Chat You can really explore any man or woman's fantasy, including your own, and be as intimate as you want.

Better yet, you can indulge yourself anytime, even late at night, from your own bed, if you cannot sleep.

Susan Block personally, or you can talk to one of the Institute’s other phone sex therapists or fantasy roleplay artists, each excellent in his or her specialties.

Our friendly receptionist will tell you who is “on” when you call, and give you some idea of when Dr.

Many members prefer the toll free line with additional features and nominal per minute membership fee. Call and press '0' for more information or help at anytime. Red Hot Phone Chat brings you an exciting place to find intimate connections.

Our environment provides endless possibilities for adults 18 to express and explore sensuality and sexuality.We provide the best “phone sex” and/or “sex therapy” you’ll find on the web, an elite, discreet, smart, compassionate, sex revolutionary and highly therapeutic approach to this most intimate of conversations.Whether you need to ask a question, play out a fantasy, get help with a problem, explore a fetish, try guided masturbation, experience erotic hypnosis or just talk with someone about something you can’t talk about with anyone else, you can talk to us.Sex Therapy • Phone Sex Therapy • Relationship Counseling • Life Coaching • For Women Only • Cell Phone Sext Therapy • Webcam Sex Therapy • In Person Therapy • Erotic Fantasy Roleplay • Who Are Our Therapists? Having a large repertoire of dirty phrases that you can use on your man is important if want to keep things exciting in the bedroom (and outside the bedroom) — it's scientifically proven that dirty talk works to increase sexual pleasure. but the more you did it, the more you'll get comfortable with talking dirty. )Below are some dirty talking phrases that you can use on your man — whether you are in bed, you are sending him a text message, you're on the phone, or you are both walking down a crowded street.We also offer incredible, additional adult features like instant messaging, secret prompts to chat privately, adult entertainment features and much more. Whatever you want to chat about, that is up to you.