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was outlawed by the Supreme Court of Nepal in 2005, however it is still commonplace in rural communities.

Manisha, 14, who took part in the project explained the limitations put on her during her when she began her first period: “I stayed at someone else’s house during my first period.

In this picture there is a stack of pads that I use and I clicked this picture sometime before I started washing them.During our menstrual cycle it’s very embarrassing for us to wash our used pads out in the public place hence, we find nearest corners and isolated streams to clean our pads and wash ourselves." (Water Aid)Rabina Budhathoki, 15: "I had gone to collect grass and firewood when I had my first menstruation.It comes from a superstition of impurity, with the logic that if women touches things it will pass on that impurity and provide bad-luck or illness.Women are barred from consuming meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables through the fear that their menstruation will ruin the produce.When I had my first menstruation, I was not allowed to look into the sun directly.

But regardless of that I still looked at it and nothing happened to me.That’s why I try to help younger girls who seem as confused as me when I had my first menstruation.I tell them to focus on cleanliness and hygiene" (Water Aid)Bandana Khadka,15: "This is the scene I wake up to every morning when I face towards the eastern side.I clicked this picture to recollect that particular memory of mine. So, when I started bleeding for the first time I got very scared and terrified.There was no one to help me out, I didn’t know how to use pads and I had hard time coping up with the changes I had within me.I wasn’t allowed to go to school and, on top of that, I wasn’t allowed to even read a book.