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After they found each other, the couple were driven to the first-night reception for the ballet at the Russian embassy.

She would be very comfortable in the company of Royalty.

It would be fair to say that Marianne likes a bit of glamour and excitement in her life.

Pas de deux: Miss Krex leaves the ballet with the Prince, where she tries hard not to be photographed But her friendship with the 66-year-old Prince has started tongues wagging, especially because she appeared desperate not to be photographed with him at the premiere of Russian ballet Spartacus.

Both the Prince and Princess have long been dogged by rumours that they have dated other people during their marriage.

Just months earlier, the Prince arrived at a glamorous London party arm-in-arm with statuesque blonde writer Leonie Freida.

And in 1994 he was said to be courting former Royal Ballet principal dancer Bryony Brind, 18 years his junior.These Big Western Feet of Protestant Blonde women naturally deserve worship!Includes:- Big Anglo-Nordic Feet of British Commonwealth and Anglo-American women;- Big Germano-Nordic Feet of German and Austrian women;- Big Scando-Nordic Feet of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish women.This beautiful young blonde has sparked intrigue after accompanying Prince Michael of Kent to the ballet last week.The Queen’s cousin invited Marianne Krex, a well-known socialite in her home city of Copenhagen, to the London Coliseum performance after his wife of 30 years, Princess Michael, was unable to attend at the last minute.She’s a very hard-working business girl but likes letting her hair down.