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An alarm sounds as a man in a lab coat runs for his life in what appears to be either the worst dressing room on the planet, or an abandoned set.The lights flicker as the man rushes to the elevator, which apparently doesn't have that all-important "close door" button.

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Mike and the boys have a plan to find Will using Pringles and old weapons from ’Nam.

They head off to school for another bullying session, arranging to meet Elle at the power lines after school.

She shoots the big lug dead to the tune of "White Rabbit," forcing Eleven to run like the wind as Brenner and his agents swarm the building. Is she going to take her clothes off right in front of them?

Joyce and Jonathan are skipping the search party to go through photos of Will. Episode 2It's a dark and stormy night, and three little boys are puzzling over what to do with the drenched, bloody girl in the basement. The boys have their doubts, but in the end Mike decides to let her stay the night. Will is still missing, but Hopper's dubious about the mysterious phone call Joyce swears she received from her son. Brenner and his agents know all about it thanks to their wiretaps.

Will tries to call 911, but only gets a staticky hissing noise that sounds like he's called up Mars.

Something or someone is trying to get into the house. After a beep-bop-beep, video gamey opening sequence that makes me think of Christopher Pike and V. Andrews, we return to Hawkins to learn that power surges have been going on all over the place. A young girl with a shaved head and a hospital gown emerges barefoot from the woods.

It’s finally sinking in that something has happened to Barb.

But first Nancy has to deal with the fact that Jonathan has been discovered developing photos of her sexploits in the dark room.

Will rushes to the backyard shed and grabs an air rifle. Also, Will is missing and neither his frazzled single mom Joyce (Winona Ryder) or his older brother Jonathan know what to do about it. Brenner, who is leading a team of hazmat-suited, gun-toting men (flashback! They encounter some sort of gooey, writhing creature pasted to the wall. She sneaks into a burger joint run by Benny, a bearded lumberjack type who is actually a pussycat.

It finally dawns on him that the growling is coming from behind him. He's not at Mike's, he's not with his deadbeat dad, and he's not at school. "Hopper obliges her by going to the middle school and quizzing Will's friends about his whereabouts. He feeds her burgers, gives her a T-shirt, and calls social services. Hopper pokes around the house and shed, where the light continues to flicker on and off.

Jonathan thinks she’s losing it, but Mike’s little sister Holly knows what’s up.