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Let’s start with our own sex chat rooms since you might already be familiar with them.

Regards Anthony Hi Anthony Unfortunately this is a particular nasty scam and has had devastating consequences for the party on the receiving end (indeed there has been reports of victims committing suicide as a result).

There is not much more that I can add to my previous advice really, as I suspected you would confirm as much - re meeting online and them being in a similar country.

Further to my answer, please read the link below to reassure yourself this is not an isolated incident and the further lengths these people will go to: I say, do not be fooled into paying any money to these scammers. Here is what happened.1) I took your advice plus other advice which I found on the net and did not make any attempt to pay them.2) I blocked them from my contact lists (Facebook I did whilst still chatting with them) and then deleted my Windows live Messenger account3) I deactivated my Facebook page and posted a message to my friends indicating that someone what hacked my account and was sending me spam and that I would be away for some time.

Any message they receive from me is suspicious and should be deleted immediately4) I created several Google alerts to alert me if anything with my name was posted5) I checked youtube to see if anything was posted on me and also checked their privacy Policy etc6) Finally I informed a close friend of mine and asked him to keep an eye out on things and inform me if he spots anything. But then I got an email supposedly from youtube warning me of their privacy violation and that I could be fined 15K euro.

I have now blocked both these fake email addresses. Regards, Anthony Hi Anthony Thanks for letting me know how you are getting on. I would warn your contacts that your old email was hacked and open a new one.

I will probably have to deactivate my email account for sometime. I would recommend you inform the police however as if people do not report these issues then they will continue.

I have blocked them from my Facebook account but they may already have the contacts. I can appreciate how embarrassing this must be for you but my advise would be to contact the police immediately providing all the details you have. In order to provide further advice i would need more specific information. I am located in Belgium and they are in Abdijan Cote D' Ivoire. But if they have the list they could potentially contact them.

Do you know the person threatening to do this personally or did you meet online? They gave me account détails to make the transfer to them. Your further detailed advice is highly appreciated and urgently.

Hi there is someone who is trying to blackmail me for money because of a sex act on webcam. Hi thanks for your question, I will try to assist you with this.

They are threatening to post the video to my Facebook contacts and youtube if I dont send them money. I would not recommend paying these people as it will not stop there and they will continually ask for more money. I performed a sex act - masturbation and apparently they have software to record it.

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