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While audiobooks may lack the feel and sweet smell of a traditional book, a well done voiceover can do more than make up for the loss of aesthetics.It can be an engaging ride that is both worthwhile and convenient on-the-go. Related: Here are 100 of the best free books for Kindle (and other ebook stores) For instance, an audio copy of Paula Hawkin’s best-selling novel can be rather expensive when not on promotion.

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I have worked with two other hosts and can say without reservation that Site Ground has the best Customer Service to be found.

It is responsive, understandable, and yields results. Other services are superb also, uptime, new services etc.

The site’s audiobooks project — a collaboration with fellow pioneers Libri Vox and Audio Books For Free — breaks down its extensive collection of books by human and computer-generated narration.

From there you can browse books lists by author’s last name, title, and language.

The site also allows you to donate to your favorite author directly if you feel so inclined, whether his or her book falls under the “Hard-Boiled” or “Urban Fantasy” selection.

We've ranked Siteground as our number 1 web host.The audiobooks are organized by genre (fiction and literature, nonfiction and poetry) and alphabetically listed by the author’s last name.Project Gutenberg houses one of the largest and oldest collections of audiobooks on the Web.Bluehost is a popular web host with simple, secure hosting.Whether you need cloud hosting or hosting that's optimized for Word Press, Bluehost has a variety of plans to suit any website.The site distributes serialized audiobooks via RSS; just click on any of the audiobook links to begin streaming or downloading the narration.