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This season was a difficult one for the shelter as they began the season in turmoil, lacking funding, and wondering how long they could stay open.

Today's the first day of spring and soon, the birds will be in our yards.Valerie Smart, the mom behind the popular blog The 413 Mom, joined Better Western Mass to talk about some fund bird feeders you can make with the kids.Many students returned from spring break this past weekend, shocked to see a seven foot fence built around their backyards.There are still many questions surrounding the accident in Longmeadow that killed a DPW worker who was clearing snow by train tracks.The trouble is that fields are still piled high with snow making it difficult, if not impossible, for teams to practice or hold tryouts. Many schools are forced to be creative in using every space they can to start the season in any way they can.

The first day of spring means more and more bear sightings across western Massachusetts.

Doctor Chelsea Gordner with Baystate Medical Center is here to talk about 'Diabetes Alert Day.' There have been multiple reports of pets being bitten by raccoons around Congamond Lake in Southwick.

Some residents have already taken notice of the warnings going around, but they are still concerned about their pets.

Residents are asking what can be done to make the area safer and a local state senator is stepping up looking for some answers.

The spring sports season begins today for high schools all across western Massachusetts.

In an effort to improve ride times, reduce stops, and save room on the roads, the PVTA has proposed a project to eliminate nearly half of their bus stops in Springfield.