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ECE teachers are required to be at IEP meetings for children with disabilities within their classrooms and follow through on accommodations. Reframe the way you speak to kids in a few simple steps and watch their character develop, while making your interactions more meaningful.With more children with developmental delays and disabilities being included in ECE classrooms every day, this legal awareness is necessary for all ECE teachers. You will receive tools needed to inspire the practice of character building in your daily life.Participants will get a chance to learn the process of creating visuals and get an opportunity to create one that they can use in class the next day!All children need guidance to develop social and emotional skills, just as they need guidance to develop more specific and traditionally academic skills.Discussion will require reflection as to what constitutes trauma and traumas’ attendees may have in their histories. It also focuses on children who have experienced disruptions in healthy sexual development and therefore manifest a wide range of sexualized behaviors, from reactive to problematic and abusive.

Ideas, examples, and experiences surrounding childhood trauma will be explored with statistics and ACE study data. Case examples are included to illustrate the continuum of sexualized behaviors.The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the ECE teacher’s role in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) process for children with disabilities. Are your books too much message, and not enough magic? Teachers should not have to waste money or time on books that are just not good enough.Components of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) will be discussed from the ECE teacher’s perspective. I will present the best new books of the year, new books that matter. What books will entertain both the teacher and the children…while there is a lot of learning going on at the same time?Attendees will learn how newborns and toddlers develop and discuss simple and fun ways to talk, sing, read, play, and write with infants and toddlers to promote healthy brain and language development.This session will provide information on identifying developmental concerns in infants and toddlers and first steps in connecting families with the early intervention program in Colorado.Participants will explore furnishings, materials and classroom set up structured to support physical and cognitive development The focus of this workshop will be to target several different areas in relation to the needs of infants and toddlers to include: recognizing how they process their sensory environment in various settings; how early childhood professionals establish meaningful relationships with the child’s parent or caregiver to support the sensitive needs of these families; and, learn recommendations to manage infant and toddler behaviors in multiple environments by addressing sensory needs with easy, inexpensive, and easily implemented activities and strategies.