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In Powehiwehi, a year after Adam and Kono safely return to Hawaii, Adam tells Kono he thought they would already be married.

In the hallway, Marnie told Ray that she was leaving Desi and crushed his silent hopes when she said that she needed to be on her own--valuable insight that she gathered from last week's rendezvous with Charlie.Hannah spotted Jessa across the way smoking a cigarette while looking and flirting with Adam.In this episode, it is revealed that Wo Fat has killed his father and has been sending Adam his body parts. It is unknown how he managed to get out of jail after being arrested along with the rest of the Yakuza.In La O Na Makuahine (episode), while Chin was going to save his wife, he called Adam and explained Kono was going to be dumped into the ocean and he needed Adam to save her.While standing in line to get Dill a drink, Elijah got the vibe that he wasn't the only man in Dill's life.

When he retreated to the bathroom to commiserate among the travel size soaps and lotions, Dill found him.

Adam has been trying to turn his father's assets into legitimate businesses without any corruption or other Yakuza influences.

At the end of Powehiwehi, Kono tells Adam she wants to be his wife. Currently, Adam is trying to clear up his debt, unsure whether to pay through illegal means or not.

With her ex and former friend now fraternizing, her relationship with Fran--though rampant with dysfunction--seemed to be all that she had.

Hannah's roommate, Elijah, missed the play because he was at Dill's for a party where he hobnobbed with the likes of Zac Posen.

By the end of the episode, Adam is seen making plans to sell the company and Kono tells him that she wants to be his wife no matter what.