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(Author affiliations at end of text) Hepatitis A virus (HAV) infections among persons with developmental disabilities living in institutions were common in the past, but with improvements in care and fewer persons institutionalized, the number of HAV infections has declined in these institutions (1).

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Residents have developmental and/or physical disabilities; some are nonverbal or minimally communicative, and some require assistance with toileting. Residents attend various programs at off-site work sites (WSs) including vocational centers for the disabled, a restaurant, and hotel, where they have contact with off-site workers and residents from other GHs or private homes.

After the hepatitis A diagnosis in a GH-A resident, the Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) began an investigation on April 24, 2013, to identify the source of infection and to prevent HAV transmission to other residents and staff.

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The Michigan Department of Human Services licenses approximately 200 and 170 GHs for adults with developmental disabilities in Oakland and Macomb Counties, respectively.