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Ahead of her appearance on the show, she said her attempts to find love are hampered by men being “put off” by her fame, admitting: “Sometimes I just wish I was normal.” Here first date didn’t go as well as she’d hoped and she dumped him at the table of the fancy restaurant he’d taken her to, finding herself on the receiving end of criticism on social media for not offering to pay half the bill.User of the dating app Tinder have accused the Channel 4 bosses of ‘catfishing’ them by using fake profiles to Ferne and fellow dater Joey Essex which then lead to an advert for the show if the user swipes right.

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Jonathan Cheban took Ffion (aka Miss Wales) to Paris, Joey Essex had his first second date (and has a third on the way) and Ferne Mc Cann, well.."I wanna get to know the guy behind the pumping," Ferne told the camera as she tried to convince us (and herself) she wasn't going to watch the videos before meeting up with him.

When she gets to the date, Ferne begins the conversation by talking about the elephant in the room, but they clear the air and move on.

The TV personality was initially enjoying a double date with The Pussycat Dolls' Melody Thornton, when she suddenly felt 'weird' - leading her to self diagnose with the common digestive issue. Again the clip flipped to Ferne doing a post-interview where she stated: 'Please can someone tell Lee to shut it with the s*** talk?

However, Ferne was quickly unable to keep her cool as she revealed she was tired, while her date attempted to fan her with a napkin, much to her annoyance.'Guys, I've come over like really weird,' she stated before she made the horrifying realisation: 'I think I got IBS!

Obviously E4 blurred the video out for broadcast, but that just made viewers want to see it more, including Queen of And look, we know by this point you just want to actually watch the video (don't even lie) but we can't actually embed it in the article because, if you hadn't noticed, it is VERY unsuitable for work.

But since it's our job to tell you what you want to know, the videos are right here. Despite claiming Lee was the 'man of her dreams' during their first encounter, the star quickly gave him the brush off.The date was reminiscent of their first meeting, in which Ferne was left red-faced after publicly declaring she was suffering from IBS.Ferne continued mysterious mind games by saying nothing about said snap, but she did stamp it with a cute purple heart emoji. We sure hope things are on the up for our Ferne, as last we heard she was in tears about her selection of rubbish dates on the show.As the show drew to a close, she shed and tear and sadly exclaimed, “I have no one!In an exclusive clip ahead of Tuesday's episode, the TOWIE star, 26, approached a group of men before brazenly announcing: 'I've got an abscess right in between my a**e cheeks.'As small talk dwindled she reverted to her medical talk, announcing: 'I've got a f***ing abscess.'Taking an interest, Lee asked: 'Is it in a bad place?