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Whether you read our new web site name as a question, “Ready to get better?

” or as an emphasized statement, “Ready to get better!

”, you will find helpful information on the ways we can help you.

Our two clinics currently have a total of 4 Doctors of Physical Therapy, along with Physical Therapy Assistants and Techs that work together as a team for each patient in the best facilities in Bay County.

Although I did program "Katrina" to be just like me!

About the "REAL ME"- I'm a regular girl in the USA.... KATRINA's vast wealth of information, knowledge & realism is unbeatable!We have launched a new web site that brings three of our companies together under one site.If you have an injury that you feel can be helped with physical therapy then you need to call us for an appointment today.We get you in quickly, with our goal being within 24 hours, and you do not need a referral from your medical doctor to be seen for an initial evaluation.Our doctors will evaluate and diagnose you, so that a plan of therapy can be developed specifically for your injury. Brent Holtgrewe is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer from St.