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You don’t need to worry about the settings located under uses AVG to monitor your email and protects it against dangerous attachments.The only problem is that many people don’t use an email program and prefer to use web services like Gmail.

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 in 190 countries across the globe last week.Millions have already rushed to upgrade to Windows 10 to reap the benefits of Microsoft's latest operating system.After any antivirus scanner has been installed in a computer, it will be loaded into the computers memory each time the computer boots.This is done to help protect your computer at all times, from any threat.If you install updates to all your programs, you don’t necessarily need to increase your protection level.

But if you’re using Windows XP or haven’t installed updates, this option can be beneficial.

To activate the faster startup option, launch your Control Panel by either asking Cortana or using the newly reinstated Start Menu and click on Power Options.

Click on Choose What The Power Button Does in the pane on the left-hand side, then click Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable.

If you are given the all-clear by your anti-virus software of choice, its worth having a look through the Windows Task Manager.

Launch the app by hitting Ctrl, Shift and Esc then select the Startup tab – these are processes which are run by the operating system during the boot-up process.

This should reveal a slew of previously hidden options, including a checkbox which says Turn On Fast Startup. Lastly, reboot your Windows 10 PC and hit the Windows key and R as soon as your desktop appears. Look at the list of services which populate the list and make a note of any which appear to be taking an unusually long time to launch.