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Allied Gold intends to ramp up total gold production to a further 200,000 ounces by 2013. At the time of announcement this represented roughly .18 per Allied share, around 0 million on a transaction basis, for the company's gold assets. Companies which graduate to the Intermediate Gold Producer Index stay in the index.

Allied Gold consolidated its stock 6:1 effective June 30, 2011. In June 2012 the company agreed to be acquired by St. Index starts in 2007 because of the low number of earlier small scale gold producers.

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Absolut's principal asset was the Pico Machay Gold Project in Peru.In June 2012 the company agreed to be acquired by St. A Spec Value Hunter table allows speculators to identify which projects offer poor, fair or good speculative value according to the rational speculation model.The comparative NPV calculations assume constant annual cash flow based on the life of mine average annual payable production and Cap Ex spent in year one.The operating cost includes the LOM sustaining capital.Due to details such as ore scheduling these NPV figures may differ from those of the 43-101 economic study.A.) 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