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Brent Smith is among a group of dating coaches inspired by David De Angelo’s dating system where he appeared at David De Angelo’s seminars and interview series.Brent is an American national, born on March 12, 1989.Brent Smith has helped thousands of clients around the world over the years, advising them to adapt his lifestyle transformation teaching in order to naturally attract the best out of life including attracting women.

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Based on this, he came up with the idea of transforming men’s lifestyle into that one that attracts women naturally.He says his method of transforming men’s lifestyle to attract beautiful women is a process that should be practiced over time and continues to evolve.That is when he tried thinking if there was a better way of approaching, attracting and dating women.Along the way he discovered his philosophy that women are attracted by a man’s lifestyle.He also has done some amazing jobs with various clients.

He has a website called Brentsmithlifestyle where he features blogs and videos about his various coaching.He says happiness is a choice one can choose anytime he wants.He ends the discussion by saying that doesn’t mean you should not strive for more in your life.” • “How can I create a great relationship that works for me and my partner?” • “How can I overcome my challenges, limitations and personal demons?Looking back at his background, he was not always successful with women, suffering from the same desperation and anxiety most men experience early in their life.