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Zoom in on the map to set the location more accurately.

You can remove geotags from your broadcasts on your channel page.

You can open the chat in the broadcaster by clicking the chat-symbol.You can moderate the chat by muting unwanted participants.The system has been designed to enable Multi-Payload Integration.The sensors with the highest priority have been successfully integrated and operated.Flying-Cam is now among those few companies that master all the intellectual property involved, from the Autopilot to the Platform, from the Ground Control Station to the Graphic User Interface, from the Field Operation Service to the Turn-Key System Sales Solutions.

Today, the company is changing the face of the industry with its Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH: a revolutionary electric VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) with a payload capacity of up to 10kg and a flight time up to one hour.While broadcasting, you can geotag your broadcast with your current location by clicking on the globe-symbol, which will try to locate you based on your computer's Internet connection.This only works in modern browsers, and the accuracy may vary depending on your computer and Internet connection type.You also need an internet connection with good upload-bandwidth, and a browser with Adobe Flash-support.To start a broadcast follow these simple steps: You can share your ongoing broadcast with friends through various services you have connected your Bambuser account to. Simply press the share-symbol to get a list of available share options.You can use our Flash-based broadcaster together with your webcam or other high quality cameras.