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If you don't have a Microsoft Exchange account, Free/Busy won't work unless you (and your contacts) publish free/busy to an Internet address or a file share.If you want to share free/busy only with others on your same network, you only need a folder on the network with Read/Change permissions for Everyone, Authenticated users, or Anonymous.

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1 is the free/busy from your own (the organizer) calendar.

2 gets the Free/Busy from an Internet Free/Busy address.

3 shows Free/Busy is not available for this person. In Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013, access the Free/Busy publishing options from File, Options, Calendar, Free/Busy Options... (Exchange Server users will need to click Other Free/Busy...

The Office 2013 updates released on April 8 2014 address a problem when publishing Free/Busy to FTP servers or local file shares.

You can use Microsoft Outlook to publish Free/Busy information to any server your and your coworkers (or friends and family) have read/write access to.

This allows other Outlook users to view the Free/Busy information of others and schedule appointments with other Outlook users.This page has the steps required to successfully publish and retrieve Free/Busy information.When you create a meeting invitation and look at the scheduling page, if Outlook can find Free/Busy for an attendee, it displays it with blue and grey blocks (Row 1 & rows at #4).When there are no appointments, the time line is grey during non-working hours and white in working hours.When Free/Busy is not available, the time line displays only hash marks (rows at #3).The dark gray row across the top shows the time periods that are available/unavailable for all attendees combined.