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All the DVDs, Videos & Presentations included in this Special Package…

This is an invitation by Pastor Lindsey Williams taken from the DVD ‘Elite Plans For 2016‘.

Lindsey Williams, an ordained Baptist minister went to Alaska in 1970 as a missionary.

For three years Pastor Lindsey Williams had the opportunity to sit, live and rub shoulders with the most powerful, controlling and manipulative men on the face of this planet. Extremely informative & I appreciate you answering many of our questions in the DVD, for those who have followed you over the years.

Your son did a great job in his presentation on firearms.

I just received LW’s latest DVD on 2016, and it is riveting.

As a born again Christian believer, who also believes in the pre-Tribulation rapture, it is very heartening to hear any preacher these days present a good old-fashioned Gospel message and belief in the rapture.I really felt this DVD was more like a “left behind” DVD, as none of us (nor God Himself) can force people to believe; one must accept the Truth by free will.Every DVD and Presentation Produced by Pastor Lindsey Williams until the end of 2014 now available to view online, including: Exclusive content only available online at Lindsey Williams, content available without advertisements in Digital Streaming format and content Digitally Remastered from Original Recordings!Christine Lagarde is the new financial head of the IMF.If she and the Elite have their way, this event will take place within the next ninety days (three months). Its time to take action and protect yourself today.The Elite have prepared you for this event with an Electric Smart Meter which has been installed on almost every house in America. You can order “Global Currency Reset” from Prophecy Club.