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In "Fairy Land" this love of folklore lives on today.The blazing brightnesse of her beauties beame, And glorious light of her sunshyny face To tell, were as to striue against the streame.

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These fairy tales and illustrations helped to create a mythical, magical never-never land from our folklore.William Blake made a series of watercolors in the early 1790's.The Greek Sirens of Homer are a form of these Fairies, as the Nereids, Oreads, and Naiads are fairies of wells, mountains, and the sea.Renaissance alchemists explained that fairy creatures are formed from the subtlest ingredients from the four elements that constitute the universe.So she beheld those maydens meriment With chearefull vew; who when to her they came, Themselues to ground with gratious humblesse bent, And her ador'd by honorable name, Lifting to heauen her euerlasting fame: Did seeme such, as she was, a goodly maiden Queene.

~ "Ye Faerie Queene" by Edmund Spenser [1596]Echoes of pre-historic myth bring forth visions of heroes of romance and fairy kings, monarchs of great splendor, riches and generosity who enjoyed the admiration of all.This art medium, these relatively new soft oil based colored pencils are not the first Dry Painting Medium: the term 'Pastel Paintings' originated in the 17th century.For more on the artist and other media employed, such as Acrylic and oil painting, pastels, photography and digital media, or essays on art history, style and technique, scroll past the main exhibit of fairy paintings to the bonus section...Of all Shakespeare's plays A Midsummer Night's Dream has had the most compelling hold on the imagination of painters.William Blake made a series of watercolor fairy paintings in the early 1790's.We are also told that all fairy haunted places, wherever they may be- belong to them.