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That is the only negative feeling I have in this instance.

I will never take this matter as that of a serious nature.

This decision was made in the most pleasant and amicable manner.

Gayesha Perera is a former beauty queen who won the Miss Sri Lanka International in 2006.—ug;a lshkak ;sfhkafka w; S;h w; S;hla ú;rhs lsh,d' ta w; S;h l;d lrkak uu leu;s keye' uf.He confirmed that the breakage of the love tale is true and it was settled in the most possible amicable fashion with both parties agreeing to separate by mutual understanding.Earlier there were rumours that were spread about this third party intruding and the marriage was to be on the rocks. The media had constantly had questioned them as to when would get married.Menaka is col3- Nehara Peris (1) « Nehara pieris Chaturika Peris - Email, Phone Numbers, Public Records & Criminal col3- Sri Lankan Actress Nehara Peiris Blue blouse Nehara Peiris - I have the largest Facebook fan collection Kedapatha.

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According to Gossiplanka, Roshan has revealed that there is a ‘third person’ in their lives.

The rumour that they have split was highlighted several times but both denied and claimed it was a rumour.

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