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As the president gives them a tour of the company, many incidents start to happen. As the Angels try to stop the army of machines, Milfeulle and Ranpha begin to notice a red spaceship always following them.

Forte begins to notice something suspicious and draws her gun towards the president, saying that the whole situation is a trap. He tried to put them through a test to find a wife suitable for his son, who is pictured Ranpha's photo.

The mouse follows Forte into a cave, and blasts a hole into her bazooka.

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The Angel Brigade's original purpose was to discover lost technology, but they end up doing household duties.

Forte Stollen and Ranpha Franboise, part of the Angel Unit, has been sent to a beach resort to find Baron Fitzgerald III (a cat that was heir to a large family fortune).

The Brigade tries to find a new body for Normad which included a chess player, a dishwasher, and another missile.

However, Normad picks Vanilla's stuffed animal and comments about Vanilla being his favorite.

They find many cats that look like Baron III and capture them.

However, the real Baron was with Milfeulle Sakuraba, a beach-side cafe waitress, who called it Goro (Rollie in the English version).

While sorting the trash, Vanilla found something strange, a missile.

When they take the missile into their headquarters for investigation, the missile identifies to them as Normad.

Milfeulle doesn't want the mouse to get hurt, so how will Forte make sure the giant mouse doesn't destroy anything else? A commander and his helper have come to the Angel Base hoping to find lost technology, thinking that the Angel Brigade found many and hid them secretly in their base. He asks Milfeulle questions to where the lost technology is, but Milfeulle keeps repeating the same answer that she doesn't know what lost technology is.

Mint, Vanilla, and Milfeulle are sent to Chickendee Planet to find, and catch the kidnappers who have been kidnapping children. The commander tries to befriend her hoping that she'll tell him where the lost technology is.

As Milfeulle meets up with the other two angels, the assassins hired by a jealous relative come to take Baron away.