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I only had one massage and had to tell the masseuse several times not to touch my groin area.

The Agrabad is adequate for a short stay in Chittagong.

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Resto was simple but good, I ate everything without having any side affects. The room was cold and you could not turn off the central air. The internet worked well after the hotel IT guy manually setup the DNS. Lobby is clean, food was good, room is old - but clean enough for a short stay.

My room had an exhaust fan just outside the window, it was noisy. I was told this hotel is the best you can get in Chittagong - that being said - glad to get home. Recently we Renovated our Rooms, Restaurant, Bar, Ball Room ETC.

The swimming pool was filthy and should be avoided at all costs but I liked the "Arab" bar they had set up just off it and, although signs said that alcohol was not available, they were happy to bring us beers from the lobby bar.

The spa is, essentially, a place for sex with Thai girls.

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