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Have mercy on our love of sensual pleasure, Compassion on the sins that self love brings.It must be hard to understand us sometimes; So very different is your heart and mind.Every issue of our FREE monthly ezine, Inspire-O-Gram, contains inspirational poems like these, plus new articles and encouraging quotes. ), just fill out the box below: Outsmarting Loneliness uses the proven principles of cognitive therapy but doesn't stop there.

In times of joy and bliss, When things are going right, You lift me even higher, And fill me with delight.

You listen to my prayers; You hear my every plea; I’m safe because I know You’re always there for me. To Do List From God I ran my life in search of worldly things; My time and will were firmly in control.

You’re Always There for Me When the world comes crashing in And chaos rules my mind, I turn my heart to you, Lord, And pure, sweet peace I find.

You lift me out of trouble You comfort me in pain; You nourish, heal and cleanse me, Like cool, refreshing rain.

Your mind is whirling, but your heart is dead, So turn to God and let go of your pride.”I did, and God said, “Here’s My plan for you: Give your life to Me, and just let go.

Have faith and pray, and read the Bible through, And you’ll have blessings more than you can know.”So simple, yet it brings me perfect peace, Living life for God the way I should.

Christian Valentine Poems Christian Easter Poems Christian Christmas Poems New Years Poems Mother Poems Father Poems This Christian poem tells of Jesus' never-failing support for us.

It's a Christian inspirational poem that's also a Christian rhyme.

My daughter, my only child, who lives a short drive from me, told me in the year 2000 that I was "no longer part of her family." I have six grandchildren that I know of, but I've seen only one of them, in the year 2000.

Don’t pity me; God has blessed me mightily in other ways.

This poem for Christians is for those who remember what their lives were like before being saved.