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All states have codified regulations for their own administrative agencies. This explains the Sale of Goods Act 1893, Partnership Act 1890, Bills of Exchange Act 1882 and Marine Insurance Act of the latter part of the 19th century. Law Commissioners in Scotland and England are more likely to favour it because it offers the opportunity to make matters clearer outside the legal community and to resolve outstanding anomalies.

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A codification movement was also sparked in the northern states. The Code of Federal Regulations contains the general body of regulatory laws governing practice and procedure in federal administrative agencies. The courts merely interpret the code, which can be altered by the legislature.In 1848, David Dudley Field (1805–94) convinced the New York Legislature to enact the Code of Civil Procedure, which replaced a complicated common law system of Pleading and installed a simpler, more rational system. This code is divided into 50 titles and is revised annually. The Science of Law and Lawmaking: Being an Introduction to Law, a General View of Its Forms and Substance, and a Discussion of the Question of Codification. Codes have spread for intellectual reasons, but Napoleon's imposition, on conquered countries, of codes modelled on his Napoleonic Code assisted the spread of codification. The English legal system, which has resisted codification, may have been tempted in the Victorian era to put together a code of commercial law.The Corpus Juris Civilis was a landmark in Legal History, and it served as the basis for modern Civil Law systems.Civil law systems—based on comprehensive codes—were installed in such countries as Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, and Spain.In 1611, Virginia became the first colony to adopt and print a body of laws.

Massachusetts wrote the Liberties of the Massachusetts Colony of New England in 1641, and then the Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts in 1648.

The Roman emperor Caligula wrote his laws in small characters and hung them high on pillars in order to ensnare the public.

Julius Caesar attempted codification, but he was unable to reduce the enormous body of Roman Law to its essentials.

Codification of an area of law generally constitutes the whole source that is relied upon for a legal question in that area.

Thus, when a state codifies its criminal laws, the statutes contained within the new code supersede the laws that had been in place prior to the codification.

They further argued that precedents, carefully developed over the centuries, were fairer than rules reflecting moods of the moment. The democratic revolutions in France and the United States inspired codifiers, who emphasized that codification by legislators would reflect the will of the people more than would law as determined by judges. Code synthesized and rearranged those statutes, divided them into 50 titles, and compiled them all in four volumes. The ALI also works with the National Conference of Commissioners to promote uniform laws. act, arrangement of laws, arrangeeent of rules, arrangement of statutes, authoritative law, bill, bylaws, canon, capitulary, categorization of laws, collection of statutes, commandment, compendium, compilation, doctrine, enactment, formalization of laws, formulation of laws, lawmaking, legislation, ordinance, precept, regulation, rule, rules and regulations, rulings, scheduling, scheme, set of rules, standardization of laws, statute, statute book, statute law, system, system of laws, system of regulations, systematic arrangement of laws, systematization of laws, tabulation, written law Associated concepts: codification act, codification of statutes the process of stating laws in a code.