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"Wai, sah, it tuck all my tater crap, but dat wus better n Dinah gettin holt uv it an takin all my ha r!

"But it didn t end dar; in erbout er week he cum over an say dat he dun prayed fur heavenly guidance ergin, an hitseemterbededispensashunuvproverdence dat de way uv de transgressor am hard, but bein as how de fund fur super-numerous preachers wus mighty low it would take erbout five dollars to ease up de conscience uv de church on dat p int!

He lives in a little cabin on my place and raises turkeys and pigs for me, as he expresses it, "on de sheers." It is true, when the dividing time comes, my part of the turkeys has generally died of the "limber neck" and my pigs have gone the cholera route to that bourne so often men tioned.But I believe in the old man, and his solemn explanation, when I call for a division, that "dat am de dispensashun uv proverdence, sah, so fur as yo part am consarned," is, to be sure, very comforting and helpful.But I knowed how ter manage dat, and I sez: Sister Ca line, de proach uvde black shadder am jes whut I s longin fur. It strikes me dat fur er oman es ligus es you is, you certiniy am mo feerd uv death den enybody I ever seed !"She seed I wus onter her game, an she laf an say: O, Br er Washington, you so sateful!" But I knew the old man s ways, and that I was not expected to answer that question.

So I merely lit my cigar, snuffed out the taper against the mantle, before which we sat facing a blazing hickory fire, and said nothing."Now I want the best you ve got," I said to him the other night, "and spin it out as long as you please for I want to laugh till bedtime." "To be sho , to be sho ," said the old man, thought fully, as he lit his pipe and adjusted the copper wire he always wore around his neck for the rheumatism."Did I ever tell you bout de enticement uv Sister Ca line Hunter?But when Br er Mixpill Johnson cum an look at me, he say, No, sez he, you ain t got yaller fever, but you is got black fever, an you s got it mighty bad, an ef you don t send fur Sis Ca line Hunter to nuss you twell Sis Dinah cum home, you gwin ter die an die mighty hard!"Now, Sis Ca line, she wus er mighty ligus oman mighty ligus.And so the old man and I jog along in this one-sided partnership this partnership wherein I fall heir to the (9) io -UNCLE WASH" debit and he to the credit account of the ledger, until death .shall come in and wind it up forever.