Control dating mtv parental show

well, let's just say that he must have been crazy to start going with her in the first place.

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But this is not a reality show because it is portrayed by actors.

MTV was once a respectable channel with a big goal in mind; to bring the world of music to more audiences featuring music videos 24/7.

Fake arguments, fake facial expressions, and poor acting display how Parental Control is a horrible show, and the whole purpose of the television show is defeated due to that fact.

I would envy MTV if they actually used real couples on families on this television show, but they do not.

The situations are also generally at least semi-plausible and make sense.

"Parental Control" has not an ounce of realism to it, and is just obviously fake and staged in every way.

It's a wonder how MTV's Parental Control has lasted four years already.

First off I would like to say I usually give an in depth, fair, non-biased review for most movies and television shows I watch these days.

Why is every place empty and why do these kids have access to all these places?

The premise is ridiculous, the acting is horrible and this is not a reality show in the least. TV14 This, my friends, is why I almost always hate reality TV.

To get on with the point of this review, this show has no positive points at all.