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We're at the point now where my children haven't seen their dad for four months.

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Another good thing to do is to find groups of divorced and separated parents in your area and ask them for advice.

It’s possible others might have found themselves in the same situation and can offer strategies that might work.

Have you tried talking to his friends or family, if you’re still in contact with them?

There are no legal channels you can go through to insist on your ex seeing his kids.

However, you seem to think he wants to see them, but only on his terms, although you don’t state what those are, or what actions of his have upset the kids – presumably not seeing them? You don’t mention it as a problem so it would seem that he Pays His Maintenance on time, which means you can’t complain about that to the CSA.

Odd as it might seem, your best bet might be to talk to a group like Families Need Fathers.Normally the type of problems they’d deal with would be fathers unable to get access to their children, but they might be able to offer some advice.I'm sure it's unusual for you to have a question from a mum, but I am at my wits end and I'm hoping you might be able to give me some advice from a dad's perspective.I split up with my kids' dad three years ago and at first things were ok.Hhe had access with his kids for 3 nights every 10 days, which had to be arranged every few months due to his shift work.Over the years this arrangement has broken down, we have been through solicitors on two occasions and mediation but nothing seems to work.