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There’s just one perfect line that completely defines a control freak. And almost always, it’ll hurt you more than any good it does to you. Are you convinced that the only way to achieve happiness or do a good job is by doing it yourself? The controlling side in you could affect all aspects of your life, be it your love life, your workspace, friends and just about every other relationship.The control freak isn’t easy to recognize yourself, because it’s very well camouflaged by another personality trait, perfectionism.

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[Read: Why you should never make a wrong person your priority] The craving to have things your way The inner control mechanism is our mind’s way of keeping us safe.

If you are completely aware of everything around you, then nothing can surprise you, scare you or screw you.

Controlling guys can't bare the thought of not knowing where you are and what you're doing. If your man's calling you off the hook, texting 'what are you doing? ​Control freaks will basically try to own you so when it comes down to who you talk to and who you see they will most definitely try to take control.

' and constantly interrogating you about where you've been then he's more than likely a CF. Don't forget, there's a difference between being close to your partner and completely smothering them.

Getting angry when you're out with the girls or freaking out when he hears you say another guy's name are tell-tale signs that your man has some major jealousy issues. CFs have a tendency to be pretty damn condescending.

*Yawn*​When the love infatuation fades and things start to get REAL it's only then when you Sounds familiar, right?

And if you don't agree they'll do everything in their power to sway you. Don't let him take away your emotional freedom, girl! It may seem endearing at first, 'Good morning' texts, calls before bed and constant contact to see if you're OK.

Party weekends with the girlies have turned into movie nights in with the boyfriend. Seems thoughtful, but there's a fine line between sweetheart and freak. Just as spontaneity scares the sh*t out of him, NOT being in total control does, too.

They put others down to make them feel better about themselves, giving them a sense of control knowing they can influence the way you feel.

If this sounds like him, we suggest you take a swift exit. Controllers have opinions for everything and anything. You Might Also Like:21 Reasons Ginger Guys Are Gods Amongst Men30 Things MEN Wish Women Knew: The Secret of What Men Want - REVEALED! 26 Signs He's A Basic B*tch10 Signs You’re Dating A Psychopath Lucky In Love? Dating tips: 5 signs it’s time to get physical 20 Signs It's Time To Drop That Man-Child 10 Types Of Couples On Instagram That Make You Want To Gag 25 Signs You're Ready For A Relationship Man Or Boy?

But that doesn’t mean being called a control freak is something to feel flattered about!